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Sku: UPSI-2406
Product type: DC-UPS Power Supplies
Manufacturer: Bicker




The UPSI-2406 Open Frame PCB module protects securely connected equipment from fluctuations and power supply interruptions. The UPSI-2406 features two different types of external batteries, LiFePO4 or Supercap long-life batteries. Through intelligent power sharing, the source does not need to be oversized to charge the batteries. In addition, the UPSI-2406 offers several functions such as min. battery disconnection, and external signal disconnection. Through the free HID-Battery-Parameter software, adjustments to the UPS can be made via PC.

  • UPS 24V DC (Open frame PCB version).
  • LiFePO4 and Supercap Long Life Batteries.
  • Intelligent power sharing.
  • Output voltage set during backup operation.
  • No minimum load required.
  • Disconnecting the battery.
  • Power failure timer
  • Start function.
  • Closure by external signal.
  • Battery hot swap.
  • Reset function.
  • Meter of consumption.


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