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Sku: UPSI-2403
Product type: DC-UPS Power Supplies
Manufacturer: Bicker




The UPSI-2403 protects the connected loads from fluctuations and interruptions of the supply voltage. Made for DIN rail mounting, the DC UPS of 24 V DC has continuous battery control to ensure that the capacity remains always sufficient for power supply in the event of a cut. In addition, a smart sensor allows for the previous maintenance of the batteries. The UPSI-2403 also offers a charge sensor and a timer function.


  • Continuous Battery Monitoring
  • Battery Capacity Display
  • Battery Life Display
  • USB communication interface



Product profile



UPS module

Output Power

144 Watt

Input voltage

24 VDC

Dimensions (WxDxH)

90 x 100 x 121 mm ± 0.5 mm


3 Years warranty




UPSI-2403 - DC UPS 24V / 6A

UPSI | Control Center - In addtion to the current operating parameters, the UPS software informs about the expected "battery lifetime", too.

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