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Sku: UC-8112-LX
Product type: IoT Gateways
Manufacturer: Moxa




Features and Benefits

  • Ready-to-deploy UC-8112-LX edge computer, with ThingsPro Gateway software pre-installed 
  • ThingsPro Gateway features:
    • Easy-to-use web UI for Modbus DAQ, MQTT connectivity, and wireless communication for efficient edge-to-core data transformation
    • RESTful APIs and Modbus APIs for implementing all ThingsPro Gateway software functions
  • The UC-8112-LX features:
    • LTE-ready computer with Verizon/AT&T certification and industrial-grade CE/FCC/UL certifications
    • Open platform design that supports the Linux Kernel 4.1 with Debian 8



The IIoT Gateway Starter Kit combines the ThingsPro Gateway software package with the UC-8112-LX edge computer, providing you with a great tool to boost your Industrial IoT prototype development. With the IIoT Gateway Starter Kit, you can achieve faster time to market, and develop IIoT applications better suited to your customers' needs. 


ThingsPro Gateway Software 

Moxa's ThingsPro Gateway is a groundbreaking software package designed for Industrial IoT applications. It bridges the gap between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) by offering an easy-to-use web UI for Modbus DAQ, LTE connectivity, and MQTT communications. With ThingsPro Gateway, you can focus on software application development for your Industrial IoT business. ThingsPro Gateway supports a number of useful software functions and provides a Modbus API and RESTful API for future software integration and enhancement.

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UC-8112-LX Edge Computer

The UC-8112-LX industrial-grade RISC-based edge computer may be tiny, but it has everything you need for field-site deployment. It packs a 1GHz ARM processor, 512MB RAM, two LAN ports, and two serial ports into a compact, rugged, palm-sized box. It also supports a wide range of wireless accessories to add LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity if needed. Following the industry trend of implementing distributedgrid and smart-manufacturing designs, industrial-grade computers add essential field-site intelligence for RMAC (Remote Monitoring and Control), Intelligent Data Logger, Software-based RTU, and Protocol Converter applications. The UC-8112-LX's open platform design supports Debian 8, and the Linux Kernel is based on Moxa's SLTS (Superior Long Term Support) Linux Kernel v4.x to ensure that your software assets will be useful longer than it would otherwise be possible. 

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Content Package

  • UC-8112-LX RISC-based edge computer
  • ThingsPro Gateway software (pre-installed in the UC-8112-LX)
  • console cable
  • power jack
  • Power adapter
  • Quick installation guide (printed)
  • Warranty card


NOTE: The starter kit does NOT include a cellular/WiFi module. See “Ordering Information” for a full list of the package contents.

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