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Sku: picoPSU-160-XT
Product type: PicoPSU Fonts
Manufacturer: Mini-BOX




PicoPSU-160-XT, one of the world's smallest 12V DC-DC ATX power supplies, for any board with ATX 24pins connector and 160 watts (200W peak)

  • 160 watts
  • P4 ATX Connector
  • Dimensions: 36 x 53 x 20 mm
  • Current input: 12VDC (11.5-13.0VDC)
  • Processors with TDP 35W, 65W or higher


Compact design, less cables. PicoPSU-160-XT is an ATX DC-DC 12V power supply for board mounting. Compatible with a range of Mini-ITX boards as well as common boards.

PicoPSU-160-XT provides 160W (power peaks 200W) silently to power small systems using a single 12V power source.

PicoPSU-160-XT has several key advantages over traditional power supplies:

  • Very compact dimensions compact PCs.
  • Fits any board equipped with an 24 ATX connector pins.
  • 100% silent, fan free and no moving parts.
  • Only 12V works.
  • Highly efficient design, does not produce much heat.
  • Ideal for low power systems.


Certificates: CE / FCC / VCCI: EN55024, EN55022 Class B (CE certification)

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