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Product type: Faytech Accessory
Manufacturer: Faytech





  • Easyident-Legic Module inside
  • Easily attachable to the device using screw holes.
  • Compatible with a wide range of faytech devices
  • Solid design with aluminum frame
  • Provides 3 different data (System Identification, Application Number, Chip Serial Number)



Product Name RFID Reader
Model number FTRFIDV1


Serial Interface With TTL Output
Baud Rate 19200, 8, n, 1
Carrier Frequency (MHz) 13.56
Detection Time (ms) 50


Operating Temperature (° C) -10 to +40
Weight (g) 150
Housing Material Aluminum with Plexiglass Front
Dimensions (cm) W × H × H 5.60 × × 8.10 2.80
Cable Length (cm) 1.20


Power Supply + 5v DC +/- 5%
Stromaufnahme (mA) ~ 40


Capacitive Touch PC 10 - 21.5 "(ok 15.6")
Embedded Touch PC 13.3 - 21.5 "
Capacitive Touch Monitor 13.3 - 21.5 "(ohne 15.6")
The RFID Reader provides 3 different data, these data are stored in 1 datastring and transmitted this way.
The user can choose the individual values ​​from the datastring.
The following data is read and transmitted:

System Identification (8 bytes)
Application Number (6 bytes)
Serial Number Chip (8 bytes)

Then follows the output of CR and LF.
The output is in ASCII-HEX as follows.
Example: 01020304123456AABBCCDDZ <0xD> <0xA>

More information available in the downloadable Datasheet.


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