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Sku: M4-ATX
DC-Input Fonts

The 4W M250-ATX DC / DC power supply is one of the most powerful intelligent sources for powering systems in vehicles. With the ability to operate with input voltages between the 6 ~ 30V, the M4-ATX is the indicated solution to power CarPC systems with higher consumptions like the latest generation processors. Designed to power and control systems in vehicles based on ignition, wide input input (6 to 30V), able to withstand motor current spikes as well as voltage variation situations.

The M4-ATX is quite compact, operates in Fanless mode completely free of fans and noise, produces little heat and has no moving parts.

Due to Patent Pending HyperWatt [TM] technology, the M4-ATX power supply stores impressive energy for its relatively small dimensions.

  • Programmable shutdown and hibernation modes via the optional cable

  • Compatible with motherboards with 20 / 24PIN ATX connection

  • Operation FANLESS, 100% silent, free of fans or moving parts

  • Operates with input voltage between 6V and 30V

  • Highly efficient design, does not produce heat

  • Indicated for the most powerful CarPC systems

By connecting the USB-to-USB source to the PC, you can control the voltages and temperatures through software. With the Advance version you can even change the behavior of the power supply.


  • Cable P4 4p-4p 30cm
  • ATX cable 24p-24p (2x Molex, 2 S-ATA)


  • Board switch on / off switch (red / black
  • USB cable

Automotive M4-ATX DC / DC 250W, 6-30V imput font

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