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Sku: DCDC-USB-200
Product type: DC-DC Converters
Manufacturer: Mini-BOX




Intelligent current converter DCDC-USB-200 with integrated voltage stabilizer, current input between 6V ~ 34V and output between 5 ~ 24V. Offers stable 12V in 4 configurable operating modes.

  • Maximum 180W
  • Input 6V ~ 34V input.
  • Output 5 ~ 24V.
  • Programmable output voltage: 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 13.5V, 18V or 24V

4 Modes of Operation


  • Dumb

It functions as a normal high power power supply, with current input between 6 ~ 34V and 12V stabilized output (or any other 5 ~ 24V).
  • Automotive

Operates as smart PSU with control over the on / off board via the ignition. Standby power consumption is 1mA.
    • UPS

    Allows to operate as a smart PicoUPS unit.

    • Script

    It connects to the PC through a USB cable and through software allows you to configure and control various tasks.

    Additional Features


    • Remote ON / OFF switch up to 6A, 8A peak
    • Control board ON / OFF function
    • Fused input, TVS protection
    • Mini USB, type B
    • Solid polymer capacitors, SVPD series, Sanyo, Japan.
    • Optional metal housing.

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