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Sku: BED3P-24024
Product type: DIN Rail Fonts
Manufacturer: Bicker




IP20P Series IP3 Switching Power Supplies are designed for industrial applications with control, process and automation technology, as well as for energy and environment technology applications. Compact DIN rail power supplies have a PowerBoost that provides power output of 150% for 5 seconds. This function is seen as safety with high starting currents and peak loads.
Due to the high efficiency of up to 92%, the accumulation of heat is reduced to a minimum. This will extend the life of the power supply units and all other components. High-quality electronic components, a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and rugged design complete the profile of the series of power supplies tested for shock and vibration. The 100% devices are tested at temperatures starting at -40 ° C and meet the SEMI F47 (Voltage drop immunity) standard.

Due to the protective coating, the power supplies are also suitable for use in potentially explosive areas according to ATEX (EU) and HazLoc (USA, Canada).


  • Three-phase DIN rail source for industrial applications
  • Power input 3x 320 ... 600 VAC (3 phase) or 2x 360 ... 600 VAC (2 phase)
  • Output adjustable 24 ... 28 VDC
  • Very robust and corrosion resistant aluminum housing (IP20)
  • Wide operating temperature -25 + 75º C
  • Freezes from -40 ° C
  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • PowerBoost with 150% for 5 / sec
  • Certified according to international EN / UL 60950-1 and UL 508 safety standards
  • Protective coating according to ATEX and HazLoc
  • No breaks across the entire input voltage range







AC / DC, DC / DC, DIN Rail Power Supplies

Output power

480 Watt

Input voltage

Nominal: 3x 400 ... 500 VAC / 500 VDC
Range: 3x 320 ... 600 VAC (3 Phase), 2x 360 ... 600 VAC (2 Phase) / 450 ... 800 VDC

Dimensions (WxDxH)

See drawing in data sheet


3 Years



BED3P-24024 and BED3P-48024, DIN-Rail power supplies for industrial applications



Output voltage

Output voltage
Adjustment range

Output current

Ripple & Noise

Efficiency (typ.)


240 W

24 VDC

24 ... 28 VDC

A 10

<150 mVss

> 92%


480 W

24 VDC

24 ... 28 VDC

A 20

<150 mVss

> 91%


More performance classes and ATEX certified PSUs are available on request.

Ripple and Noise was measured with parallel cables. All data was measured at +25 ° C, operating humidity <75%, nominal input voltage. After the PowerBoost, the device must not be operated over the max. output power for at least 60 seconds. The final assembly has to comply with the valid EMC and safety standards. As a power component this PSU is for assembly purposes only and must not be operated in unassembled condition. The case in which the BED3P is installed must be at least IP54 compliant.
Explosion hazardous voltages are currently present for up to 5 minutes after switching off the BED3P. The device must not be touched during this time period. Remove device only when it is de-energized and not in a hazardous area. Risk of explosion!

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