Artificial Vision and Computer Graphics

Embedded high-performance PCs specially designed for Artificial Vision and Computer Graphics. Designed to be used as standalone devices or integrated into more complex EDGE computing systems.

Able to run 1D to 3D graphics applications and built to operate in the most rigorous and challenging operating environments, manufactured using "Premium" components with a long life cycle, allowing the standardization of platforms in the long term.

Embedded PCs with high image and video processing for artificial vision, voice or facial recognition

Image and video processing is associated with industrial or operational applications, where it is necessary to execute a specific event or function based on the analysis of an image captured by the vision system. To process large amounts of data from devices such as cameras, AGL Industrial Solutions offers powerful solutions for image and video processing, as well as NVIDIA components. Depending on the system software, this device can trigger various actions such as object measurements, quality control, defective products or interrupting entire production lines.

We develop High Performance systems for the most daring projects!

Innovative solutions for the Industry

High-performance hardware to optimize production lines and industrial systems, improve efficiency with pattern recognition through the cutting-edge technology of NVIDIA solutions capable of fueling the most ambitious projects.

See our range of Industrial Hardware Solutions

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