Intelligent Transportation

The series of In-vehicle Box PCs as well as the embedded DIN RAIL PCs marketed by AGL Industrial Solutions are expandable vehicle computers designed to withstand harsh operating environments in large vehicles, public transport and trains. With fanless design for good heat dissipation, shock and vibration protection, it makes them the most stable solutions during mobile operations. EN 50155 certified systems with multiple I/O ports for expansion respond to the demands of various vehicle and mass transportation applications.

For public transport, a wide range of solutions for the management and operation of mobile networks, covering all the important communication protocols in buses, trains, subways and underground stations.

Mobile industrial hardware for emergency vehicles, forklift trucks, agricultural machinery, logistics and warehouse network communication

The cities of the future are designed in terms of smart lighting using smart AI solutions to control a city's light network in an effort to reduce energy. But the smart city concept goes far beyond these horizons. The use of existing infrastructures allows the provision of a wide range of services through a system of IoT devices connected to each other. These devices can monitor air quality, monitor traffic, provide smart parking management, help roll out citywide Wi-Fi or 5G coverage, or even provide people with information and news through the use of interactive digital signage.

Performance and reliability in "Onboard" systems with ignition control and energy management.

Fanless "In-Vehicle" Computers

Robust, high-performance systems with support for integrated power supply units capable of ensuring 24/7 operation. Fanless embedded PCs capable of controlling and processing complex data transfers for industrial automation

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