Embedded PCs ready for new communication technologies taking advantage of the WiFi, 3G / 4G and GPS wireless communication capabilities. It allows to install "onboard" systems more economical, robust and of greater longevity.

They feature vibration resistance, a wide operating temperature range and variable power features specially designed for mobile installations in land, sea or air transport.

LTE 4G / 5G Mobile Communication

Professional IoT LTE Wireless Routers Dual SIM 4G LTE Routers professional and robust with GPS, dual Ethernet and support for network functionality. Quick to deploy, easy to manage through the VPN channel. Flexible communication device for IoT applications in the most demanding industrial sectors.

Components for Integration

Some components and accessories for integration that will help you to finalize or update your project.

Performance and reliability in "Onboard" systems with ignition control and energy management.

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