Industrial Solutions

More than 1000 manufacturers, partners and strategic customers have evaluated and confirmed the quality, flexibility, robustness and safety of the products.

In most situations, our industrial computer products are used for process automation in a variety of industries.

In this context, the Embedded computer is often the control point for a vending machine or an automation or surveillance system. We offer complete Embedded PC solutions, Touchscreen systems, industrial communication equipment, integration components and accessories often requested by our customers.

Our customers are device manufacturers, machines or a systems integrator, a computer reseller or an engineering office creating solutions for dedicated industries. In addition, we are respected and trusted partners of resellers who complete their product line with our products.

Industrial automation

Tailor-made solutions

The area of ​​industrial automation and management development is one of the most important in the modern world. To help you achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of high-tech products.

Artificial Vision

advanced computer graphics

High-performance embedded PCs for Artificial Vision and Computer Graphics. With unique designs for standalone use or integration into advanced EDGE computing systems.

Industry 4.0

Internet Of Things

For new markets we present a range of Industrial IoT Gateways and Embedded Edge PCs that combine the latest in wireless technology with industrial I/O in small form factor systems, ideal for today's monitoring, control and management applications. cloud data.

Intelligent Transportation

"Onboard" Systems

Embedded PCs prepared for new communication technologies, taking advantage of WiFi, 3G / 4G and GPS wireless communication capabilities. Allows to install "onboard" systems that are more economical, robust and of greater longevity.

Trade & Catering

help your business

Low-cost equipment capable of serving the new requirements of trade and catering. Computing at your fingertips with touchscreen solutions for greater mobility and convenience. 

Digital Signage

"Onboard" Systems

Digital Signage applications involve the display of digital content in public or business spaces, content that can be used for advertising or informational purposes.

Security & Surveillance

Protect your data

When talking about Security and Surveillance, we are talking about network video capture solutions where, in addition to cameras, Ethernet Switches for communication and Mini-PCs are needed to manage this data.

Hospital Environment

Corrosion and liquid resistant

IT solutions for hospital environments and the pharmaceutical industry, according to standards and hygiene standards approved for the sector.

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