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AGL Industrial Solutions offers a portfolio of Box PCs, touch monitors and large format displays perfect for digital signage, able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding projects. From players for displaying basic content to complex control of Interactive Walls. With flexible digital displays at the point of sale (POS) or point of information (POI), companies can now deliver an enhanced experience to their customers by delivering relevant information at the right time.

Regarding Digital Signage content, the most elaborate solution includes curated advertising displays, depending on the time people spend in the space, their behavior, age and gender. Content with interactive and attractive designs displayed on touchscreen monitors provide an even more realistic experience.

Embedded Box PCs and high-brightness displays, coupled with a solid content strategy, are a powerful communication tool.

Industry 4.0 and the "internet-of-things" demand that information be presented everywhere, in an operation to communicate and interact in real time with all people, through projections on screens, multimedia kiosks or large format displays. AGL Industrial Solutions brings together in its portfolio the perfect solutions for digital signage, from TV players for basic content presentation to complex control of "video walls". With flexible digital displays at their point of sale (POS) or point of information (POI), companies today design the brand experience and provide their customers with relevant information. Speaking of Digital Signage content, they are already applied today through AI, a personalization of content, with a view to curated advertising, depending on the time people spend, their behavior, age and gender. Interactive designs for kiosk systems are also possible.

We know the needs of the market, we create customized Digital Signage solutions. Talk to an expert!

Digital signage solutions for industry

Digital signage solutions for windows and android environments, build your digital signage system to increase your business productivity, employee engagement or to prevent accidents at work. Our experience combined with your idea are the instruments for success.

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