Security & Surveillance

Security and surveillance are of paramount importance in most installations. Operators of large units often rely on security personnel to guard and control entrances and exits. However, using the latest processing technologies, it is possible to install access control and management devices, in order to improve efficiency and support failure detection.

To improve security supervision, AGL Industrial Solutions has PoE solutions or ID card readers, these new technologies bring enormous advantages to field operations due to digitization. As a result, more and more mobile computers are being used in these very important areas of activity.

Intelligent security and surveillance system combines embedded Box PCs with PoE and IoT technologies

Smart security and surveillance networks are powered through a combination of high throughput embedded PCs and IoT devices. These systems are usually deployed not only with static cameras but also with autonomous devices. The combination of IoT networks and AI computing platforms enables real-time analytics or fault alerts. With behavioral pattern analysis applications, AI systems can identify threats in real time and trigger or prevent false alarms.

Systems provided by AGL Industrial Solutions can provide workplaces with an extra layer of safety, ensuring workers use the proper safety equipment or monitoring worker fatigue. Through facial recognition it is possible to provide intelligent access control for restricted areas.

State-of-the-art technology to guarantee the security, control and surveillance of production units, factories, public transport, shopping areas, among others!

Industrial solutions for intelligent security and surveillance

Intelligent hardware for implementing networks for security and surveillance, PoE solutions to support IoT systems and consequently improve the management and effectiveness of installed access control and management networks or failure detection.

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