High Performance PCs

Complete line of Embedded High Performance Industrial PCs. Designed to feed Industrial Automation and Control projects, Artificial Vision, Vehicle Computing among other applications.


Robust PCs

Resistant industrial computers. Robust Embedded PCs designed for Industrial Automation and Control, widely used in detection, control, optimization, task scheduling, management and decision making on automated production lines. They allow you to improve quality, reduce costs and ensure safety.


Artificial Vision

Embedded PCs for Artificial Vision. Industrial computing systems perfect to support and support Artificial Vision projects. Specific processing units for image analysis and management. able to process, see and interpret. State-of-the-art embedded PCs capable of hosting the most diverse expansion cards used in the market.

Edge AI GPU Computing

GPU Computing

Embedded PCs for Edge AI GPU Computing. Embedded solutions for NVIDIA® Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing systems. Ideas for computer graphics, video analysis, artificial intelligence, autonomous and more.


PCs for Vehicles

In-Vehicle Embedded PCs. Solutions for industrial computing "In-Vehicle". Embedded PCs ready for new communication technologies taking advantage of the WiFi, 3G / 4G and GPS wireless communication capabilities. It allows to install "onboard" systems that are more economical, robust and of greater longevity.


Industrial Network PCs

Fanless Network Computers. Fan-free network computing equipment for rooter, switch or firewall applications. Devices used to facilitate access management remotely. Network platforms that support infrastructures in data management, storage, handling and optimization with security.


Digital Signage

Computers for Digital Signage. Industrial computing solutions for Digital Signage / Digital Signage. Last generation Mini Pcs prepared for installation in booths and kiosks. Able to operate in hospitals, banks, government buildings and other noise sensitive institutions. Perfect for controlling the flow of information for web-based or multimedia applications. The best Mini PCs for Multi-display Environments.

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