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Industrial Communication Solutions

Managed | Unmanaged | Rack mount

Our Industrial Ethernet solutions offer ease-of-use, reliability and security for industrial network infrastructures. Industrial Ethernet devices with option and support to operate in a wide range of temperatures, prepared for aggressive external application environments.


Power-Over-Ethernet Switches and Converters

Designed to feed Industrial Automation and Control projects, Artificial Vision, Vehicle Computing among other applications. Robust systems, prepared to operate in extreme temperatures and adverse environments.

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Serial connectivity devices are packed with features to provide versatile communication options as well as different assembly and connection solutions. They enable connectivity between peripherals as well as the connection of devices to wired and wireless networks.

100Mbps | 10G | Gigabit

Compact and hot-plug SFP modules include fast 10G, Gigabit and Ethernet interfaces suitable for industrial environments with support for wide operating temperature and provide flexibility for any network upgrade. Flexibility for your fiber!

Industrial Devices SENA

We are proud to offer server devices and Bluetooth products from the Sena industrial series for network solutions. Ability to monitor, monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot network equipment in a variety of configurations to meet these requirements.

AP, Bridge, Repeater | Wireless Routers

IEEE 802.11 AP / Bridge / Client wireless industrial solutions and rugged mobile devices especially designed to withstand the various effects of adverse industrial environments. Access Points, Repeaters, Wireless Routers and Bluetooth interfaces to support your WIFI infrastructure.

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