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Professional Touchscreen Monitors

Wide range of industrial monitors for a wide range of applications that is not limited to automation and control of interfaces, since we offer versions with different types of formats and assembly solutions. Open-frame models to embed flat surfaces, robust chassis that can be integrated even in rack systems. Resistive Touch or Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen technology.
Touchscreen displays from 7 to 84 in-dash, high-brightness screens readable even in direct sunlight, ideas for outdoor installations, perfect for retail outlets, multimedia kiosks or digital signage!

One of the ideas I liked was about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. I wanted to show a young and modern crowd running onto the plains to make it the front of the stage with French and British soldiers peppered in amongst them. Louis liked the concept but the board didn't. By then, there were three weeks left before the start of the festival and I still hadn't gotten a green light to start drawing. That's when I gave them an ultimatum: I had to begin my final illustrations if we wanted to print the thousands of posters neces-sary in time for opening day.


Industrial Monitors

Capacitive and resistive touchscreen monitors with sleek modern look, waterproof and dustproof front panels, IP65 protection. With multi-touch capacitive and resistive and anti-glare technology. The perfect choice for a wide variety of applications such as POS, industrial control panels, kiosk systems, automation, digital signage and in areas such as shopping malls, classrooms, hotels and more.


Large format

Large format monitors designed for industrial and business applications. With Multi-touch capacitive provide an easy-to-use experience for a wide range of applications. Available in Open frame format, resistant and light, designed for integration or support of interaction applications.


Mini TFT Displays

Small format TFT monitors designed for integration into industrial solutions or mobile systems. Models with resistive and multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, high brightness and anti-glare systems, ideas for a wide range of applications. Constructed with resistant materials, they are quite light and with high energetic performance.


USB Touchscreen Monitors

Selection of portable USB monitors perfect for desktop expansion with precise response and support for a wide variety of operating systems. Excellent performance, high quality and high durability. Portable USB touchscreen monitors are the ideal solution to support your industrial, business or home project.

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