Industry 4.0 | internet of things

As AI technologies and Industry 4.0 continue to mature, industries and manufacturers are starting to realize the added value that Artificial Intelligence can bring to industrial automation. More than simply using EDGE Box PCs, AI and Industry 4.0 span the entire production chain. With embedded technologies, tasks from assembly, quality control and even worker safety can be monitored by AI-powered computer vision computing systems.

For the new Industry 4.0, we present a range of Industrial IoT Gateways and GPU Edge PCs that combine the latest in wireless technology with industrial I/O in small form factor systems, ideal for today's monitoring, control and cloud data management.

Artificial Intelligence combined with our experience for your success

Across the globe there is talk about artificial intelligence (AI). No wonder, because this new technology already enables a wide variety of applications, such as autonomous transport or smart cities that determine and control their own energy requirements.

Will this new AI technology be able to change the world as we know it? AGL Industrial Solutions is the partner of choice for the development of systems of the future.

From prototype to distribution, we guarantee the successful implementation of your project!

Embedded systems and IPCs for Artificial Intelligence

AGL provides a wide range of products for Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. Robust to withstand the harsh environments of factories and industries. This robustness helps bring AI solutions to the most demanding manufacturing production lines. We also have a wide range of gateways and IoT devices to ensure full connectivity.

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