Guarantees, Repairs and Returns

All material delivered or sent to AGL for return or repair must be accompanied by the RMA form, duly completed and be delivered/sent to the following address:

AGL Industrial Solutions

Lagoas Park, Building 7 - Floor 1, 2740-244 Porto Salvo, Portugal

In order to make the process faster and more efficient, please fill in as detailed a description as possible of the damage and/or reason for the return.

return of items requires prior approval by AGL.

Download the form here.


AGL reserves the right to accept returns in advance. Returns will only be accepted if previously requested and acceptance confirmed by AGL, using a specific form for this purpose.

Requests to return material must be made by email (, or by letter to the AGL address, which will inform you in the same way of the decision and the conditions to be applied, namely any possible restocking costs.

After acceptance by AGL, the articles must be sent/delivered together with the specific form for this purpose showing acceptance by AGL.

All returns that do not meet the prior acceptance requirement will be refused and returned to the customer, with shipping costs being borne by the customer.

The product to be returned must meet the following requirements to be accepted by AGL:

  • The article and all accessories that make it up must not show signs of improper handling;

  • The packaging and respective manuals must be in perfect condition;

  • The article cannot have been subject to specific production or changed characteristics that prevent its normal commercialization.

AGL reserves the right to apply penalties in cases where the return is accepted, but does not comply with one or more of the requirements previously set out, so that any losses related to the requested return are compensated.

Transport costs associated with returns are the responsibility of the customer.

Returns of software once installed are not accepted.

Credits will only be issued after validation of product conformity.



  • AGL undertakes to make its best efforts to repair or replace any item purchased from it, whether under warranty or not, under the terms and conditions mentioned below:

    • Items for repair must be sent or delivered to AGL, together with the specific form for this purpose, duly completed and signed. All repair requests must unambiguously identify the customer, the item to be repaired, its serial number, the existence of any accessory, a copy of the purchase document and a description of the fault/problem. The customer is solely responsible for sending, packaging and packaging the items to be repaired, as well as any costs related to their transportation. Items that are not in the best hygiene conditions and/or that may pose a health risk will not be accepted.

    • The customer undertakes to ensure, by its own means, the safeguarding and protection of all data, software, inventions, accessories, as well as the removal of any recording or recording media, in order to prevent their damage, breakage, disappearance or loss resulting from repair.

    • AGL will not be responsible for any losses suffered by the customer (including loss of profits, loss of shipping, loss or alteration of data, breach of confidentiality, interruption of activity, among others.) for damages caused to data, software, inventions, accessories and any rights as a result of your provision of repair services.

    • In the case of discontinued products for which repair is not possible, AGL will seek to advise the customer regarding possible replacement products.


The repair is covered by the warranty whenever:

  • The item is within the legal warranty period;

  • Proof of purchase is presented;

  • The article has not been subject to misuse, incorrect handling, faulty installation or non-compliance with the instructions for use, introduction of modifications without the consent of AGL or the manufacturer, as well as exposed to improper conditions of use.

Warranty repair requests are subject to the requirement to complete a specific form with unequivocal identification of the customer, the item to be repaired, its serial number, the existence of any accessory, a copy of the purchase document and a description of the fault/ problem.

Warranty repair requests that are not duly accompanied by a copy of the purchase document will be treated as normal repairs, with costs being charged to the customer. Warranty requests with advance exchange (when applicable in the brand's general conditions) imply prior invoicing for the item, so the customer must formalize the order for this purpose. If, after analysis by the supplier, the guarantee is accepted, the invoiced item will be credited and the process will be closed. If the guarantee is not accepted, the process will be considered as material supply and closed with the invoice already issued.


The repair time for the item depends on its complexity, the nature of the damage and the type of product. The deadlines shown are merely indicative and may be exceeded in the case of items already discontinued by the manufacturer.


The repaired item can be picked up at AGL's commercial delegation in Porto Salvo, or it can be delivered to the customer's home, or another location indicated by the customer, in which cases the cost of transportation will be borne by the customer.

The customer is obliged to check the correct functioning of the repaired item upon collection or delivery, whenever the type of item allows it.

Repaired products, or whose repair was not possible, must be collected within 30 days from the date of sending the information (letter or e-mail). After this period of 30 days, whether for warranty repairs or out-of-warranty repairs, a fee of €0,50 per day may be charged, for a maximum period of 6 months. After this period, AGL reserves the right to consider the product as belonging to it and may destroy it or dispose of it in any other way.


AGL complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27/04/2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

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