Industrial Food Solutions

We introduce you to a vast catalog of power solutions designed to help improve the performance of your system. The ATX, Flex, picoPSU, M series or TSF formats can meet all the energy demands of the most demanding industrial systems.


AC Input

AC Power Supplies for Industrial Systems are the perfect combination in high energy efficiency with the required robustness. 80 PLUS® efficiency requirements. High interference resistance and designed with high quality components that guarantee long term reliability.


DC Input

DC-IN industrial power supplies allow you to adjust the input and output voltage to power the various existing systems in a controlled manner. Circuit protection function, specially designed to operate in Fanless mode.



UPS-powered equipment and batteries are designed and produced for extremely long service life and operate in a very wide temperature range, available in various formats for different application types.



The new DIN rail power supplies set new standards for quality and performance with integrated PowerBoost function. Power modules are ideal for economical, small-sized power solutions that help space management and support a wide variety of applications.


UPS Function

High performance, compact UPS function fonts, fully standardized for heavy duty industrial applications designed to operate in harsh environments.


DC-DC Converters

Industrial DC-DC converters prepared to convert incoming and outgoing voltages. The operating voltage of different electronic devices can vary over a wide range, making it necessary to provide a voltage for each device.

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