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The best models for the most demanding industrial applications. Ready to operate in any 24 / 7 scenario.


Mini Industrial PCs

Rugged solutions for a wide operating temperature range Embedded PCs are today the industry's biggest allies. Ready to operate 24 / 7 in various operations, support for various expansions and equipped with processors for industrial computing.


Rackmount PCs

19 Rack-Mounted Rack-Mounted Industrial Computers "Rack-mount XNUMX rack-mountable PCs are ideal for network applications that are perfect for supporting platforms and infrastructures, adaptable and in a number of configurations to meet the demanding demands of this type of industrial computing.


DIN-Rail PCs

DIN-Rail format Mini PCs for industrial use designed for DIN rail mounting. Compact design, vibration and shock resistant and prepared to operate in extreme temperatures. Rich in I / O interfaces for a wide range of applications.


Industrial Android Mini PCs

Compact in design, Android Mini PCs are slim, low-profile solutions that are increasingly expanding for a wide range of high-performance, industrial applications. Combining advanced multimedia features, with 64-bit architecture and low energy consumption to support Linux and Android systems.


Mini NUC PCs

The NUC concept is based on powerful four-by-four-inch mini-PCs with built-in processor, allows you to adapt the RAM capacity according to system requirements. They support the new M.2 mSATA and SSD storage technologies and come prepared to operate with various operating systems.

Desktop Mini PCs

Desktop Mini PCs

Solutions for demanding professionals, the best Desktop Mini PCs for business, commercial or personal use. Small format, high performance.

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