Components for Integration

Embedded single and ITX motherboards for integration. Computer cases and expansion modules, as well as power supplies and converters for Industry. Windows applications and operating systems.

Boards, power supplies and other components

Industrial embedded boards designed almost exclusively for embedded systems that provide a high level of operational reliability and an extremely low risk of failure with minimal maintenance. We offer a wide range of form factors supporting the latest processors that can be integrated through our wide range of enclosures, including rackmount solutions. We offer a wide variety of power solutions, power converters, as well as RAM memories and storage devices to complete your system.


Embedded Boards

Boards of the smallest formats on the market for any application or function. Boards with reduced dimensions and high performance for industrial or office environments. High quality motherboards in mini ITX, ATX & micro ATX, pico, NUC or uTX formats, among others. Custom templates for projects.

Power Supplies

Power Solutions

We present an extensive catalog of industrial power solutions designed to improve the performance of your system. AC-DC, DC-DC models, UPS function and modules capable of satisfying all the energy demands of the most demanding industrial systems.


Computer Cases

The best box manufacturers, a wide portfolio of ITX chassis for any application, Fanless models, robust solutions in various form factors designed to house the latest generations of motherboards and processors!
Regardless of your system, we have the ideal box... Consult us!

Expansions & Accessories

Limitless Expansions

Wide range of Boards and modules for expansion of Embedded BOX PCs and Mitac and Jetway Motherboards.
Using these innovative boards it is possible to expand these embedded systems according to all the necessary requirements!


Windows Applications and Operating Systems

Windows or MAC Software Solutions and Microsoft Operating Systems to support the development of your systems. Monitoring software for Windows environments and Windows licenses! Contact us for more information...

Consult our Industrial Solutions and Applications

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