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Components for Integration

Embedded Boards

Boards of the smallest formats of the market for any application or function. Small, high-performance boards for industrial or office environments. High quality motherboards in mini formats ITX, ATX & micro ATX, pico, NUC or uTX among others. Custom templates for projects.

Power Solutions

We introduce you to a vast catalog of industrial power solutions designed to help improve the performance of your system. Models AC-DC, DC-DC, UPS function and modules capable of satisfying all the energy demands of the most demanding industrial systems.

Computer Cases

The best box manufacturers, a vast portfolio of ITX chassis for any application, Fanless models, robust multi-format solutions designed to host the latest generations of motherboards and processors! Whatever your system we have the ideal box ... See -we!

Limitless Expansions

Wide Range of Boards and Modules for Expansion of Embedded BOX PCs and Motherboards Mitac and Jetway. Using these innovative boards it is possible to expand these embedded systems to meet all necessary requirements!

Windows or MAC Software Solutions and Microsoft Operating Systems to support the development of your systems. Monitoring software for Windows environments and Windows licenses! Contact us for more information...

Discover our range of Protective Equipment and IT solutions to help fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

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