Commerce and Restaurants

More and more retailers, businesses and restaurants are looking to incorporate AI solutions into their business. Smart Commerce is more than a trendy concept, it integrates IoT and Edge computing to enhance customer experience, up-to-date inventory management and better stockout prevention. Smart commerce adds value in an era of online shopping, as well as new and innovative solutions such as automated stores.

AGL Industrial Solutions leads the industry in providing retail and catering hardware solutions. Embedded mini-PCs paired with the latest generation of touchscreen monitors. Tablet PCs offer industry 4.0 mobility and productivity and are designed to be flexible, meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Embedded Box PCs and monitors with touchscreen technology to incorporate AI eCommerce solutions

AGL Industrial Solutions offers solutions for implementing smart commerce and restaurant management applications. AI-powered solutions paired with mobile devices are transforming the industry. Whether it is to satisfy needs throughout the purchase process, or to manage reservations for a restaurant space, it is now possible to implement processes with product or service recommendations based on the history of visits and interests of each person. More efficient, easy-to-maintain systems for your business.

Long-life hardware built to operate 24/7, delivered in days!

Smart Systems for Commerce and Restaurants

Hardware for self-service applications, interactive monitors to present customer support information or to guide the sales process, product recommendations regarding the needs of each person based on the history of their visits. Consumers can develop their own shopping experience and easily access personalized service.

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