Automation and Industrial Management

This is the most talked about development area in the modern world, we have compiled a set of products that will help you in Automation and Industrial Management tasks.

A full range of Industrial Embedded PCs, touchscreen solutions as well as a wide range of devices for industrial communication. Designed to last and withstand ever more adverse operating conditions.

At your disposal, systems of various formats and characteristics capable of responding to the increasingly high requirements of software and applications developed in this area.

Industrial hardware for automated production lines, agricultural facilities and smart factories

Industrial automation and management is an essential part of the global manufacturing industry. Companies face enormous pressure to automate, integrate, maximize production, improve cost efficiency and achieve the best results. As industrial processes evolve and increasingly infiltrate all levels of businesses, AGL Industrial Solutions' diverse system solutions, platforms and products help to master the extreme challenges of extreme environments.

We build custom projects, solutions tailored to your requirements.

The best Embedded solutions

Robust, high-performance systems with support for integrated power supply units capable of ensuring 24/7 operation. Fanless embedded PCs capable of controlling and processing complex data transfers for industrial automation

See our range of Industrial Hardware Solutions

The latest products at the best prices on the market

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