Hospital Environment

AGL Industrial Solutions brings cutting-edge technology to the pharmaceutical industry and advanced medical engineering for smart healthcare, from rugged imaging systems to certified mobile devices and accessories. Our terminals are equipped with anti-MRSA hygienic solutions and can be operated with latex gloves. We offer a wide range of products, such as fanless embedded computers for medical applications with UHD support and serial connectors, high-quality Panel PCs, various form factors and anti-bacterial chassis, certified servers for medical offices with galvanically isolated RS-232 ports and optional IT accessories , such as medical carts, silicone mice and keyboards.

It should be noted that medical certifications, such as DIN EN 60601-1, are common standards for any IT device used in diagnostics, therapy or medical documentation.

Hardware with standards and certificates for hospital and clinical environment

Our embedded medical PCs are specially designed for hospital and clinical environments. Built with high quality components, they are predestined for all field tasks in a hospital, clinic, or laboratory. Doctors and nursing teams can fully focus on patients, with the greatest security in operation and information management. Major international manufacturers in the healthcare sector see AGL Industrial Solutions as the ideal partner for the development of customized hardware solutions. Intelligent devices with an appealing design equipped with the latest wireless communication technologies.

Powerful mobile visualization solutions for private medical clinics, laboratories and hospitals!

Hardware solutions for controlled environments

Our intelligent platforms for hospital and pharmaceutical environments offer powerful processors and GPUs. They were developed specifically for use in clean environments.

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