Industrial Arduino range for industrial automation applications, equipped with many communication features that make them ideal for IoT solutions, among others.



NORVI Cema Industrial Arduino is the most compact version of the NORVI series. Still, it has 8 outputs and 8 inputs, surpassing all devices of the same size on the market. Two transistor outputs add PWM or Pulse output capabilities. With a 6-pin serial expansion port. The NORVI Cema is ideal for industrial environments.



NORVI IIoT ESP32 for industrial projects. ESP32 Industrial, ready for demanding environments: Arduino and ESP-IDF, with programmable USB, OLED display and DIN-rail assembly. Designed for protection and reliability. Complying with the standards 2014/30 / EU- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).



The NORVI Arita Arduino are the highest capacity version of the NORVI series. Selection of five standard models available with two powerful micro processors to choose from. Arita was designed to produce every bit of performance in the micro controller without compromising its reliability. Connectivity is the factor that makes it suitable for today's world, for a connected world, we include all industrially accepted communication methods.

Expansion-NORVI modules

NORVI Expansion Modules

The series of expansion modules connects to NORVI IoT controllers via I2C and UART connections. You can add more features to the NORVI Controller without major customization. NORVI provides true technology with reliability for industrial applications. We include NB-IoT, LoRa and analog modules as expansions.


Agent 1 - Industrial IoT Module

Industrial IoT module with several processors and communication options. It can be used in various applications, from Industrial IoT to simple data recording. With ESP32-WROVER-B or with optional ultra low power STM32L151xE. The industrial ESP32 module supports LoRa, NB-IoT and WiFi communication, making it the most versatile controller on the market. The "Agent 1" industrial module is a programmable controller, with built-in USB communication for programming and diagnostics. In addition, it has programmable RGB led ...


Agent 2 - IoT Panel mount module

Industrial IoT module with SoC ESP32-WROOM integrated in a panel mount device, for applications that require a small display. The front USB port provides easy access to programming and the GPIO provides ease for user input. It can be ordered with 0,96 OLED display or RGB pixel LED.

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