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Sku: M3-ATX
PicoPSU Fonts

The PUMPSU M3-ATX power supply is an intelligent power supply for car and other systems. Designed to power and control the ignition-based board ON / OFF, it accepts a current between 6 and 34V and is prepared to survive the harsh current variations (up to 5.7V) that a motor can have as well as transient situations increase.

With 8 user-selectable operating modes through micro-controllers allowing you to control the ignition with the closing times. By removing all the jumpers, it becomes a traditional power supply, without ignition control and can be used in applications other than vehicles.

  • Works from 8V power (up to 6V in a short period)
  • Characteristics of the M2-ATX model, but in PicoPsu format
  • ON / OFF control
  • Automotive ATX PSU
  • 125 Watts
  • Dimensions: 31 x 44 x 21 mm

PicoPSU M3-ATX 6-24V DC / DC 125W font

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