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DC-DC Converters




Designed for projects based on Intel NUC or single rail motherboards, the DCDC-NUC provides user-regulated power output (12V or 19V) from a wide input voltage (6V ~ 48V). The default output setting is set to 12V. It has a range of intelligent functions not found in traditional converters. The unit is able to send "pulse signals" ON / OFF to boards based on the filtered input voltage levels or ignition sensor, making it an ideal device for vehicle or battery powered installations.


  • Automotive smart source 6-48V.
  • High efficiency impulse.
  • Programmable output of 12V or 19V, 6A.
  • Format 2.5 '', bay mount HDD.
  • Ignition switch, MCU control.
  • Anti Thump Output in automotive mode.
  • Motherboard On / Off Control by Pulse ON / OFF
  • Motherboard shutdown control via USB.
  • Customizable startup / shutdown timers.
  • Low power standby (<1ma).
  • HID-USB connection.
  • Measurement of input, output voltage and current.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Detection of the motherboard using output power measurements.
  • Programmable Scattering Frequency Modulation for reduced EMI.
  • Compatible with ROHS and REACH.

Attention: This power supply does not fit Intel's Retail-NUCs. It is designed for OEM-NUC enclosures or other enclosures with 2,5 slots and mainboards with DC power input.

DCDC-NUC Converter (6-48V> 12 / 19V, max.100W)

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