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  • ATX BEX-506H 60 Watt Fanless Power Supply

    Compact ATX power supply with 60 W power, Designed to power industrial Fanless solutions. Innovative design characterized by excellent voltage regulation. Concerning...
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  • Fanless Power Supply BEP-520H 200 Watt

    Innovative design, the 200 W industrial power supply is characterized by excellent voltage regulation. And with regards to the output, no base load ...
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  • Industrial Power Supply SS-250SU-B1 250 Watt

    The SS-250SU-B1 power supply comes with a fan for temperature control and noise optimization. Very compact format and high efficiency above 80%, all for a price ...
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  • Industrial Power Supply BEH-530H 300 Watt

    The compact BEH-530H type FLEX source has a temperature controlled fan regulator, so the noise is kept to a minimum. Due to a minimum load of 0 A in ...
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  • BEA-635 350 Watt Power Supply (-10 ~ + 70ºC)

    Industrial power supply for PCs with 350 W power. BEA-635 stands out for its high reliability and longevity. With integrated 4 kV input filter, BEA-635 also ...
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  • Redundant Source R1S2-5300V4H 300 Watt

    The 1 + 2 R5300S4-1V1H redundant power supply is designed for 19 rack servers "as well as storage and networking systems. If a plug-in power supply fails, the ...
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  • Redundant Source MRT-6300P-2AC-B2 300 Watt

    The mini-redundant source MRT-6300P-2AC-B2 is designed as a replacement for an ATX source and for rack servers as well as storage systems. If a plug-in power supply fails, the ...
    € 0.00
  • Industrial Power Supply BEA-540H 400 Watt

    The BEA-540H is the PC power supply that combines a high degree of energy efficiency with the ruggedness of an industrial PC power supply. It caters to ...
    € 0.00
  • Industrial Power Supply BEA-640-B5 400 Watt

    The BEA-640-B5 power supply has been optimized for use in marine applications and radio communication devices according to EN 60945: 2002. Sturdy power supply and ...
    € 0.00
  • Industrial Power Supply BEA-550K 500 Watt

    BEA-550K industrial PC power supply combines high energy efficiency with ruggedness. Meets 80 PLUS® PLATINUM efficiency requirements. High interference resistance designed with high performance components ...
    € 0.00
  • PSL-6A00V 1000 Watt High Performance Power Supply

    PSL-6A00V High Performance Power Supply provides up to 1000 watts of power to servers or computers with high processing requirements. Provides up to 50 A power each. THE...
    € 0.00
  • ARTESYN ™ CPS250-M 250W Power Supply

    2-61000-3 compliant Built-in 2-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX compliant
    € 0.00
  • BEO-0600M 60 Watt Power Supply

    The power supply series BEO-0600M is characterized by its high efficiency of up to 90% and a very low standby uptake ...
    € 0.00
  • Efficient Fonts CNS650-MU 650 Watt Series

    Designed for forced air and natural convection cooling Medical and ITE safety approvals, 2x MOPP PMBus ™ interface Active current share with OR-ing FET Dual fused Type BF ready Active Power ...
    € 0.00
  • BEO-3600 360 Watt Industrial Power Supply

    The power supply series BEO-3600 is characterized by small dimensions and high efficiency. It provides up to 360 Watt without the necessity for any active cooling. Additionally it is equipped ...
    € 0.00
  • Hospital Environment PSU BEO-1000M 100 Watt

    The power supply series BEO-1000M is characterized by its high efficiency of up to 91% and a very low standby uptake rate of <0.5 watts. It delivers its full ...
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