Wireless Serial devices easily allow an RS232, RS422 or RS485 device to communicate with a wireless network. Versatile and effective communication option!
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STW-602C RS-232/422/485 to Wi-Fi converter (2 ports)

STW-602C - 232-port RS2 to WI-FI converter The STW-602C is a gateway between Ethernet (TCP / IP) and RS-232/422/485 communications. It allows almost any serial device to be connected to ...
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STW-611C RS-232/422/485 to Wi-Fi converter (1 port, Bridge Mode)

STW-611C - RS232 to WI-FI converter with 1 port and Bridge mode. The Antaira STW-611C is an industrial wireless serial device server with IEEE802.11b / g / n in 2.4GHz band that provides connectivity ...
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