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Equipments for individual safety

Individual security devices. Visors, alcohol-based disinfectant solution (alcohol-gel). Protective Masks KN95 - FFP2, gowns and Mechanical Alcohol Gel dispenser. Check our offer!

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Protection Visor

4.90 €

Ideal as supplementary protection in public places. An excellent solution to protect everyone who continues to work, lightweight (weighs only 40 gr). Visor for total face protection. Fixed by means of an ABS support. ...

Individual Protection Visor

7.90 €

Integral visor in Virgin APET, 100% recyclable, with anti-fog agents. Compatible with the use of goggles and surgical masks, FFP2, FFP3 and duckbill. Can be sterilized in autoclave or UV.Reutil ...

Waterproof and Reusable Protection Coat

17.90 €

Reusable gown supplied in plastic packaging, with opening and closing system. White double-sided fabric 90g / m2INTERIOR: Mesh (100% Polyester) 65g / m2EXTERIOR: PU laminated fabric: (polyurethane) 25g / m2Waterproof fabric ...

Disposable Face Masks 3 Layers (Pack 50 *)

26.80 €

Pack of 50 Disposable, certified, safe and breathable masks. Provides high level of filtration. Box of 50 units.Facial masks made of non-woven fabric materials; The integrated medium filter with ...

Protective Masks KN95 - FFP2 (Pack 5 *)

29.80 €

KN95 protective mask with particle filter (GB2626-2006). KN95 protective mask, for medical use, with particle filter.Hypoallergenic, high filtration.High comfort in use thanks to elastic bands and clip for ...

High Precision Infrared Thermometer JXB-178

65.50 €

High Precision Temperature Meter Safe for adults and children, fast and highly accurate. Infrared measurement - contactless. Memory for 20 measurements. Measuring distance between 3 and 5 cm. Product License ...

White Napofix Gel Alcohol Mechanical Dispenser DAG965W

120.00 €

Mechanical White Gel Alcohol Dispenser Individual hand hygiene system controlled by pedal. ANTI-VANDALISM, dispenser inside the device. Cover with safety lock. Adjustable to 50 ...

Black Napofix Gel Alcohol Mechanical Dispenser DAG965B

120.00 €

Mechanical Black Gel Alcohol Dispenser Individual hand hygiene system controlled by pedal. ANTI-VANDALISM, dispenser inside the device. Cover with safety lock. Adjustable to 500 ...

Covid19 screening and control solutions


Complete Hygiene Station 21,5 'FT215KN4200HS

The Hygiene Station FT215KN4200HS is built around a 21,5 'capacitive touch monitor, front glass with hardness 7H and IK08 protection. Making it strong and robust! In addition, the touch is optically connected and has an anti-glare surface treatment. Hygiene station for digital signage of 21.5 'complete Kiosk for Digital Signage with hand hygiene station of faytech, perfect solution for trade, restaurant, mid-hospital among other industries and services ...

1,690.00 €

Panel PC 10.1 'FT101RK3399TIS with thermal temperature meter

Panel PC 10.1 'FT101RK3399TIS from faytech with thermal temperature meter, designed for a wide range of applications such as commerce, restaurants, hospital environment, education, government agencies and public places.

955.00 €

Panel 7 'FRG1-3288S (ARM Cortex A17 RK3288)

Panel PC TFT 7.0 ″ Fanless supported. Rock Chip® ARM Cortex A17 CPU RK3288 Quad Core 1.8GHz TFT 7.0 ”Facial Recognition Systems, 400 nits, High Brightness, LCD with LED backlight Aluminum alloy structure with fixing bracket.

485.00 €
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